Dear Friends,
Are you ready for the greatest 3 1/2 weeks of our club? We're moving at a breakneck speed, but it'll be worth it! Check it out:
  1. This week we have our Students of the Month. Who doesn't love hosting our high school students, giving them a scholarship, and watching their personality come out as they say thanks? 
  2. Next week we have our annual Speech Contest. Building off our Students of the Month, it's going to be a blast watching the kids compete as they display their art of speech and presentation centered around the theme "Be the Inspiration". Join us!
  3. Only 9 days later is our Crab Feed, and we are completely sold out!! Not to worry though, there are many ways to get involved still: 
    1. our dessert auction last year was a major hit, and we're looking to blow last year's records out of the water! Donate your famous bunt cake or peach cobbler, or ask a friend to make those mouth watering lemon bars you're always talking about. Then watch the bidding wars ensue!
    2. We need a couple more baskets of _(fill in the blank)_ for the silent auction! A sport package basket -- with tickets, a jersey, and your favorite memorabilia -- could go a long way to the sports fanatics chomping down our fresh crab. Or maybe a spa gift basket, fitness basket, or "build your own deck in 3 easy steps" basket are more up your alley.. no matter your inclination, your donation will help us continue (and increase) our local and international scholarships and projects. 
Thank you for your dedication and generosity! See you Thursday!