Thu Aug 23, 2018 at 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM.
Whale and Ale
327 W 7th St
San Pedro, CA  90731
We’re having a game show, and everyone is a contestant.
Join us at the Whale and Ale at 6pm for our 4th Thursday evening fellowship night. Low key environment with flexible times, so bring a friend and don't worry if you have to leave early! 
Here’s how it will go:
Our theme for our July evening meeting is New Beginnings.
The beginning of the Rotary year is a new beginning in many respects.  Kinda like the beginning of a marriage.  Typically June is wedding month, hence the theme New Beginnings.   Sooooooo… how about a wedding themed event.  
This Thursday, please bring an item that meets this criteria — 
  Something Old
  Something New 
  Something Borrowed 
  Something Blue
You can bring one, or more than one.  It doesn’t matter, just bring something.  
On the second floor of the Whale and Ale, we’re setting up a table where these objects can be displayed.  
With all the items together, we look for a unifying theme.  
Here’s how it will work.  We know the theme is beginnings, and the sub-theme is weddings.  All of the items (old, new, borrowed, blue) will be put on the table.  We’ll have a contest to name the common theme of all the items.  For example -- Let’s say the items are:  an old sweater (something old), a brand new bicycle helmet, (something new), a crock pot borrowed from a neighbor (something borrowed), and a bottle of the blue colored, peppermint Listerine (something blue).  The common theme of those items could be — “I gotta get back in shape.”  Everyone (including our guests, so please bring a guest) … everyone will write down their idea of what they think these things, when put together, represent — their common theme.  Write down your thoughts with your name.
We will read the ideas, and vote.  
I’ll select the judges who will vote on the themes.  
The winner wins a raffle-style prize.  (Come on, you didn’t think we would have a meeting without a raffle prize did you?) 
Bring your items.  This will be a lot of fun.