In an effort to continuously remind the community of Rotary and the work we do, and to diversify our club's donation sources, the club's fundraising committee has brainstormed and settled on several very low intensity fundraisers for the club to pursue. 
In concept, we'd like to advertise and request that folks to go to a restaurant, bar, or other location (of our choosing) on a particular day and time. The venue would receive additional foot traffic and our club would receive a percentage of their gross receipts during that timeframe. Ideally, we want non-Rotarians to be participating, so it's important that we advertise widely. Equally important though is that our goal is not to fund raise a massive sum that single day, but rather to receive, potentially, semi-frequent "passive income" for the club to bank on (pun intended!). 
We're out talking to multiple restaurateurs now, but if you have a preference of where you'd like to tell your friends to go eat one day, please let Matt know as soon as possible.
Thank you!