Wowzers was our meal packaging Rise Against Hunger event this last Saturday incredible. Not only did we have close to 90 volunteers attend, but we packed over 10,000 meals in less than 2 hours! If you missed the event, check out some of the pictures here!
We'll continue collecting gift cards to assemble a gift card tree for the Foundation Celebration next month. Please remember to bring a gift card for $20-25 over the next two meetings. If you're not able to bring one, Linda will pass around an envelope to collect cash donation to the cause, which she will use to purchase additional gift cards. Remember: your gift cards save lives, so bring one with you on Thursday.
Last, if you need another outlet to give back, our Barton Hill reading project will be commencing this month. Training is this afternoon and the reading begins next week! More details below.
Can't wait to see you Thursday!