I am so proud of the work our club does in the San Pedro community, and even more proud of the changes we effectuate on an international level. So I am both surprised and saddened when people haven't heard of Rotary or know what our mission is. 
To do our small part, let's start wearing our pins, necklaces, and other Rotary "bling" both to meetings and out in the community. It's a tiny step to make inroads on a huge awareness obstacle, but we'll be raising awareness nonetheless. Most important, it gives each of us another opportunity to talk about what we love and spend so much time on, and to share our positive experiences and friendships. 
If you need a new pin, the Greeter will have some available at our Thursday morning meetings for $5.00.
Additionally, for your own edification and enjoyment, we will have copies of Rotary's guiding principles -- the 4 Way Test -- printed on card stock, as well as the History of the 4 Way Test, available at no charge to you. Rotary's incredible work locally and internationally, in one-time projects and through sustained, recurring programs, has the 4 Way Test as the common denominator.
Join me in raising the visibility of Rotary in our community.
Harry Jacobs
Vocational Director
Rotary Club of San Pedro