A ROTARIAN is a person who:

  • Digs wells from which they will never drink
  • Vaccinates children they will never meet
  • Restores sight for those they will never see
  • Builds houses they will never live in
  • Knows real happiness, which can only be found by serving others
  • Educates children they will never know
  • Plants Trees they will never sit under
  • Feeds hungry people, regardless of color, race or politics
  • Makes crawlers walk half  a world away

Rotary is the world's oldest and most important service organization exceeding 1.2 million members with more than 34,000 clubs in over 200 countries.

Rotary provides clean water to those without it, feeds the hungry, battles crippling, debilitating and disfiguring diseases and helps people learn to read and write so they can compete in the modern workplace.

Rotarians are business and professional leaders who aspire to the highest ethical standards in their vocations and who not only help those in need in their own communities but who also seek to advance the cause of peace, understanding and goodwill worldwide through scholarships, youth and adult exchanges and humanitarian projects."