The Three P's of Entrepreneurship - Perserverance, Passion & Prosperity
Mar 04, 2021 7:30 AM
Rob Goodwin, Owner of Stone and Compass
The Three P's of Entrepreneurship - Perserverance, Passion & Prosperity

Robert Goodwin, Owner of Stone and Compass

A teacher, businessman, and environmentalist, Rob has created business opportunities in London, Puerto Rico, Eastern Europe, Africa, South East Asia, and throughout the United States. To date, he has successfully funded and built 37 projects in 18 countries. Rob is also a director for global outreach for the United Nations.

His interests are human history, cultural preservation, natural resource governance, social harmony, and business development.

Some of his most unique work includes creating a restaurant chain in California, a national environmental mitigation company, a firm that works on global archaeological preservation, a landscape design company focused on large estates, an international tour company, an international honey business and a company that builds sustainable opportunities in various countries.

Holding multiple degrees in various fields including archaeology, geography, and history, Rob strives to bring together cultures from around the world to dialogue and collaborate on a host of issues. He has also worked extensively in the field of peace and negotiation between Palestine and Israel, in Northern Nigeria, Lebanon, and throughout Africa.

His current roles include the ownership of Stone and Compass, a global company with many individual holdings, and as an Executive working with the United Nations in their Sustainable branch.

Rob's presentation will be about the three P's of entrepreneurship (Perseverance, Passion, Prosperity) and how this model helps create sustainable, tangible outcomes that can benefit everyone globally.

He will also discuss how using the three P system has impacted his role at the UN and as an international business leader and how non-profits, for profits, government agencies, and international bodies can all work together to create foundational projects that can support communities.