Our Rotary Club sees the value of education in shaping a person to be a great member of their community.


To support and encourage students to continue their education, we offer a variety of scholarships.


Student of the Month

Every month, the Rotary Club of San Pedro chooses students with exemplary performance as a scholar and servant in their community. View some of our past winners here on our Facebook page.


The Ernie Houser Fund


The Ernie Houser Fund is a vocational scholarship fund initiated by a former member of our club, Mr. Ernie Houser.  Historically, a scholarship of $400 is awarded on a yearly basis to one student from a San Pedro school that is going to attend college or a trade school and is pursuing a career in a vocational field, (nursing, electrician, plumber, beautician etc.).  The amount is payable in two increments of $200 each over a period of 2 years.  The student must provide proof that he/she is willing to attend school and must maintain at least a C (2.0) average.


Candidates are recommended from our various local high schools, Harbor Occupational Center or L. A. Harbor Community College.  A candidate must submit a written request outlining their qualifications and vocational pursuit.  If you are interested in recommending someone for this scholarship, contact the Rotary Club of San Pedro, Board of Directors prior to April 30.


The Uncle Joe Evans Fund

This is a scholarship fund that was established by a bequest of Joseph G. Evans, M.D., a San Pedro Rotarian.  The fund was established in the memory of his wife Mildred.  The scholarship is available first to the children of present or past members of the San Pedro Rotary Club and second to any boys or girls of San Pedro.  It is available to any student in primary school, high school, college, university, advanced study, artistic or cultural studies, exchange scholarships or in connection with the American Field Service.  The funds are determined and allocated at the sole discretion of the San Pedro Rotary Club Board of Directors.


The entire income of the fund and up to 5% of the principle may be granted each year in scholarship(s) by the current Board of Directors to the student(s) which the Board selects.  Our club has contributed to the fund over the past several years.  Publicity of the scholarship(s) is at the election of the student(s) receiving it.


Interested parties must send a written request containing an explanation of the education pursuit of the qualified student and justification of financial need.  The requests must be submitted to the Board of Directors prior to April 30.


Interact Scholarships


These Interact Scholarships are granted to members of the two Interact Clubs sponsored by the Rotary Club of San Pedro.  Eligible candidates must be active members in good standing of either the Port of Los Angeles High School Interact Club or the San Pedro High School Interact Club, having attended a majority of the meetings and participated in a majority of the Service projects carried out by their Club.   The amount of the scholarship will be $500 each and will have a potential for matching funds of additional $500.  Applications are due by April 30.  


Joe Viola Memorial Scholarship


Joseph “Joe” Viola was a member of the Rotary Club of San Pedro and was a life-long Educator.  He retired as Principal of San Pedro High School in 1994.  Upon his passing in 2018, his family established this memorial scholarship in his name, administered by the San Pedro Rotary Club Foundation.  The amount of the Scholarship is $500 and will be awarded to a student in the San Pedro/Harbor community who will be furthering his/her education at a Community College, University or Vocational/Trade School.   This scholarship recognizes that there is more to success than a high GPA, and that students who may not be at the top of their class academically also deserve the opportunity for success.  The funds are determined and allocated at the sole discretion of the San Pedro Rotary Club Foundation Board of Directors.  Applications are due by April 30.  


Additional Scholarships

1.  Student of the Year, typically awarded at our Community Heroes dinner
2.  Rotary District 5280 Vocational Scholarship, awarded directly from the Rotary District Foundation.  
3.  Rotary Art, Music, Dance, and Speech Contest, held annually in January or February, with winners progressing to the Rotary District competition in March at Loyola Marymount.

Application information can be requested by emailing: rotaryspinteract@gmail.com