Wowzers! We had a great time on Saturday with 19 of our closest friends at the Boys & Girls Club. Scrubbing baseboards, spackling walls, and organizing books in preparation for the new school year was way more fun with great company! If you missed the fun, check out some of our pictures.
Remember: our club can get involved in almost anything you are interested in. If there is something we should be contributing to, get in touch with one of the members of the board, or call Matt directly! 
There are so many more events happening -- with the club and around the community -- over the next month! Skim through our event calendar to see if you can volunteer at Fleet Week, attend the YWCA's Jazz on the Waterfront, go to the district picnic and watch the cardboard boat races, learn about peace in the South Bay, or get involved in literacy over waffles!
See you Thursday morning!